Huizhou OVANN industrial co., LTD

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Huizhou OVANN industrial formerly known as shenzhen ou every era electronic co., LTD., founded in 1996, the earliest start for industry one of the most early modern headset production enterprise, is located in the town of huizhou stream electronic science and technology industrial park road.With over 40000 ㎡ modernized factory building, advanced equipment, a beautiful environment, green is a headset development, production and sales for the integration of modern production enterprises."Focus sound comfortable!"Is Europe who has always been adhering to the brand concept.


On the research and development, the company has first-class hardware facilities, through the ISO9001:2008 international quality system certification, equipped with advanced testing instruments, signal tester, sound spectrum tester, drop test machine, wearing headphones, twist tester and wear tester, salt spray testing machine, etc., has a professional technical experiment center;Innovation is the enterprise the main melody, and all who pay attention to the introduction of talent and bring up, set up the mechanism of innovation and personnel training, and establish close combination of contact with colleges and universities, brings together a number of industry elite, ensures the all products in the forefront of electroacoustic technology.

At home, adhere to the "OVANN ou whoever" independent brands, with OA series, OM, OV series, VA series four series rich product line.In big cities as the center, applies a system of regional agents, sales network covering the whole country and rural markets;Internationally, formed to Poland in eastern Europe, Western Europe, Germany, dubai in the Middle East, North America, South America, Brazil, Egypt, South Africa, Africa, Australia as the axis of the global trade network, products are sold to many countries and regions, has a certain international influence.


International communication (GITTEX), the Hong Kong electronics Fair (HK El ectronics Fair), China import and export trade (Canton Fair) and so on, the communication and cooperation, in line with international standards, product is famous in the world!Electroacoustic technology has won the "national hi-tech industry demonstration enterprise", "Chinese famous brand", "international famous brand", media "recommended products of the year", "edit here", "fashion design award", "best cost performance headphones product award", "product innovation", "the most popular with consumers headphones brand" and so on more than dozens of honor.

Looking to the future, the van as the headset industry a bright flag, the concept of adhering to the focus and comfortable voice, provide comfortable listening experience for all mankind.